about grandfather's axe

Grandfather's Axe was founded by Ed Klein in 2009.

Two years prior to this, thinking about starting his own mid-century furniture business & while working at a publishing house, he met with an academic at Monash University who described the program he was charged with as a "grandfather's axe" - where the head and handle have both been changed half a dozen times, but the axe, passed down through the generations, remains Grandfather's Axe.

"I thought this concept could easily describe a restored piece of furniture," Ed explains. "A leg, arm or upholstery might need to be replaced - but it's still the same chair.

"And the same goes for where we live: interiors change according to our tastes, but where we live remains our home."

Ed's concept for Grandfather's Axe has always been ensuring great vintage design is accessible to everyone.

"I began the business by buying locally in Melbourne and then in Denmark.  Over the years, higher demand and increased competition have meant I've travelled further into Scandinavia and the rest of Europe to find well-priced pieces.  It's something I love doing - there are often great stories that accompany the furniture and design I've found."

Mid-century furniture is not only beautiful and well-made, it's also a wonderful way to contribute to sustainable living.

Ed continues: "One of my great passions is to reduce the waste we produce. Restoring a 60-year-old piece of design means that piece can live for another 60 years. The embodied energy used to produce furniture is huge. Spread that energy over the decades ... and the sofa you sit on could be the most sustainable thing in your house."

Grandfather's Axe is well into its second decade and, after ten years in Northcote, moved in late 2021 to a new showroom on Smith Street in Collingwood. Ed and the team look forward to introducing you to Australia's best-loved vintage furniture source.